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As appeared in Waste & Recycling News (Friday June 25, 2010), Texas recycler strong up the middle by Allan Gerlat

Joel and Craig Litman are a good double-play combination.

The brothers and co-owners of Texas Recycling/Surplus Inc. explain a lot of their business philosophy with sports metaphors. “The shortstop doesn´t always look to see if the second baseman´s there, he knows he´ll be there,” said President Joel.

“It´s a team game,” adds Vice President Craig. “We win or lose as a team.”

The Dallas-based company, though, has always been powered by Team Litman. Father Stanley was an industrial chemicals salesman before buying a paper and rag recycling business, Daltex Waste Material Co., in the early 1980s. Joel was working in public relations and advertising when he joined his dad in 1984. Craig, a certified public accountant, came on board five years later. “I saw it as an opportunity to be in the family business, and eventually hoped we´d own it one day,” Joel said.

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