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Creative Uses for Cardboard

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As more and more people purchase everything from televisions to toothpaste from ecommerce sites like, and, cardboard shipping box consumption has skyrocketed over the past few years. Fortunately, a large percentage of theses cardboard boxes ends up …

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Recycling Today cover story

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As appeared in Recycling Today (April 1, 2021), Pushing the Limits by Megan Smalley. Pushing the limits Dallas-based Texas Recycling sees opportunity to grow by building its metals business while also keeping its competitive edge in recovered paper markets.

Recycling during Coronavirus concept

The Environment and Recycling During Coronavirus

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The COVID-19 pandemic, causing more people to stay and work from home, changed the way we live. We adjusted to a new normal while hopeful to get back to a society without social distancing, face masks, and the threat of a destructive virus. One interesting aspect of staying at home or sheltering in place was the effect on the environment and recycling during Coronavirus.

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Environmentally safe cleaning

People are talking about environmentally safe cleaning. As we continue to live with the everyday reality of COVID-19, many of us are cleaning our homes more than ever before. Disinfecting surfaces has become an everyday part of home maintenance. In addition, with businesses starting to reopen, daily cleaning and disinfecting is expanding to offices and retail locations. The dilemma for environmentally-minded households and businesses is finding a balance between keeping surfaces disinfected while using cleaning products that don’t harm the environment nor pose a danger to people, that is environmentally safe cleaning.

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