How to Get Started with Texas Recycling

Customized Recycling Services to Meet Your Needs

At Texas Recycling, we believe every customer deserves a customized recycling plan.
To help create this plan, we ask the following questions during a brief phone call:



What type of materials do you have?

What quantity of materials do you have?

Where are your materials located?
Are they on a loading dock, on an upper story, etc.?

How often do you need to dispose of your materials?
Choose from a pre-set schedule or as-needed pickup.

Will you deliver the materials, or do you prefer pickup?
By delivering materials to our facility, you can increase the profitability of your recycling program.

With this information, we will create a recycling initiative that is responsible and financially attractive for your organization. It’s that easy.


Customized Service to Meet Your Needs

At Texas Recycling, we can provide stackable containers to collect your recyclable materials. Our dependable drivers pick up from your location on schedule and replace your containers with empties. Your load is then taken back to our plant where it is graded and weighed. And best of all we calculate the market value of your materials and pay you promptly.

Customers are also able to deliver directly to our plant. This usually adds value to the materials as we do not have to provide transportation.

We have no minimum requirement for drop-offs. We are always available to discuss the different grades of materials and the different methods of sorting.