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As appeared in Scrap Magazine (Page 136 Scrap JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010), One on One by Staff Writer

Joel Litman


Q: How did you enter the scrap business?

A: My father, Stan, bought a small scrap paper and rag business in 1980, when he was 52. After managing the company on his own for four years, he reached a point where he needed another person to help take the company to the next level. I was working for a public relations and ad agency in Dallas when he asked if I had any interest in joining him. I knew the work culture would be different from the corporate world of an ad agency, as would the opportunities to grow and eventually own the business. To help me decide, I took a week’s vacation from my job and worked at the scrap plant. I quickly realized it was a tremendous opportunity. I joined my dad three weeks later, and I’ve never looked back.

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