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The Latest in Science and Technology for the Recycled Materials Industry

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Since 1992, Texas Recycling has seen plenty of changes in the recycled materials industry. An increasing number of businesses and individuals have realized the importance of the 3 Rs—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. On top of that, new technologies from around the globe have made recycling easier and more efficient than ever before. Examples of such technological advancements are all around us. Here are just a few recent examples.

Fill-Level Sensors and Smart Bins

It’s one thing to ensure recycled materials end up in the appropriate containers and recycling stations. But imagine if those receptacles had sensors that monitored fill-levels and overall container statuses. While that may seem like overkill, it’s actually an ingenious way to notify collectors when the bins are almost full while at the same time offering insights into the types of materials being tossed into each container.

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According to, their smart bins offer monthly estimates on waste and recycling generation, insights into where waste is getting produced and how much, and the ability to measure how full each bin is at any given time. The kicker is that each of their bins is made from 97% recycled plastic.

Recycled Plastic

John Layman introduced PureCycle Technology heading into 2022 as a way to sustainably recycle polypropylene by removing contaminants, odor, and color until nothing is left but a reusable resin. This led to the technology being used to create a recycled plastic showerhead. PureCycle uses proprietary technology licensed from Procter & Gamble (P&G) to recycle waste for consumer goods, automotive, building and construction, and industrial uses. 

With so many applications, this newest technology is leaving the door open for municipalities worldwide to collect and recycle residential plastic.

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Automated Metal Sorting Systems

Currently, almost 25 million tons of automotive shredder metal materials are produced in the United States each year, and a large fraction of this is shipped overseas to be hand sorted into aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, and stainless steel and manufactured into parts. Sortera Alloys has employed artificial intelligence to create a metal sorting system for recycled materials and reuse industries. Sortera’s systems perform highly accurate sortation of metal alloys at a significantly reduced cost.

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A few additional benefits listed on Sortera’s website include 20 times higher energy efficiency for aluminum parts manufacturing, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, decreased reliance on foreign imported metals while increasing local manufacturing of metal parts, and eliminating the need to overstock landfills.

Paper Recycling Technology

Did you know that over 50 billion paper cups are diverted to U.S. landfills each year because the interior plastic coating makes them very difficult to recycle? But those numbers could change in a hurry thanks to California-based Smart Planet Technologies’ EarthCoating technology. Though not a newer technology in comparison to the ones listed above, the EarthCoating process uses up to 60% less plastic than traditional plastic coatings. It allows a wide variety of paper products to be re-pulped using conventional recycling equipment. According to the company’s website, EarthCoating is ideal for all types of recycled materials with paperboard barrier and high-quality print packaging applications and delivers premium aesthetics, functionality, and barrier performance.

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Conversely, recycling traditional plastic-coated paper containers—including drink cups and food containers—requires costly, specialized equipment. Consequently, most municipal and commercial recycling facilities do not accept plastic-coated paper products.

We’re on the Forefront of the Recycled Materials Industry

These are just a few of the new technologies advancing the dream of a global “closed loop system” in which consumers, recyclers, and manufacturers work together to reclaim valuable materials from our waste streams and use them to make new products. At Texas Recycling, we’re proud to be involved in the vibrant, innovative recycled materials industry that’s helping protect the environment and improving the quality of life for our neighbors in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and around the globe.

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