Process for Recycling Texas

Recycling starts with a simple phone call to
Texas Recycling. It ends with a cleaner, more sustainable environment for your business, and for us all.

Each month, Texas Recycling gathers millions of pounds of recyclable materials from:

Businesses and organizations with large volumes of materials which we pick up by truck, or companies deliver to our plant
Individuals, businesses, and organizations who bring recyclables to our Public Buy-Back recycling Texas center

In our recycling Texas facility, the materials are sorted by commodity and grade. They are then baled and shipped by truck, rail or ocean container to mills and manufacturing plants around the globe.

Every commodity we gather is transformed into new products, such as:

Paper towels and tissue
Boxes for new products
Printing paper stock and stationery
Cereal boxes and other chipboard packaging
Drywall facing and composite shingles

Beverage cans
Plumbing fixtures
Electrical wiring
Construction steel

Automobile parts
Wheels, automobile products
Home furnishings
and more!

For each ton that our facility recycles, together we save: