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Given the popularity of online ordering for office and home supplies, consumers now have an abundance of cardboard boxes. As a result, the natural question they’re asking is, “What can we do with them once we’re done that’s responsible and good for the environment?” At Texas Recycling, we strive to follow the 3 Rs—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. While recycled cardboard boxes are preferable to disposing of them in the local landfill, reusing or upcycling them prior to recycling is an even better way to reduce our environmental impact.

So, if you have a slew of empty boxes taking over your supply closet, break room, or garage, don’t fret. Here are some fun and simple ideas to upcycle those empty cardboard boxes.

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7 Recycled Cardboard Boxes Reuses for Home or Office

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  1. Cat Condos — Have hours of fun constructing cat condos inspired by the book, Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself by Carin Oliver.
  2. Logo Coasters — You can never have too many drink coasters lying around, and they may even make for great promotional giveaways. All you need is a basic ceramic title for each coaster, felt, cardboard, and spray lacquer.
  3. Spray Paint Can Holder — Wine boxes by the case that have individual compartments are perfect for storing up to 12 cans of spray paint, glass mason jars filled with supplies, and more. 
  4. Shoe Rack — Cut and fold leftover cardboard boxes into triangle shapes and attach as many of them as you need together for your very own mini shoe storage solution.
  5. Knife Sheath – Protect your knives while packing, traveling, or camping.
  6. Lap Desk – Cut arches out of opposite sides of a sturdy cardboard box to make cutouts for your legs. Decorate and use in bed, on the couch, anywhere!
  7. Storage Bins – Use a glue gun to wrap the outside of a cardboard box with twine completely, and line with fabric, and you’ve got a decorative storage container.
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5 Organizing With Recycled Cardboard Boxes Ideas

  1. Event Recycling and Trash Organizers – Organize separated recycling into cardboard boxes and place them strategically at events with clear signage to encourage guests to separate out compost, trash, and recyclables.
  2. Drawer Organizers — Grab a few smaller but sturdy boxes used to package cell phones and electronics and create a set of matching drawer organizers for pens, paper, paperclips, scissors, tape, medicine, and more.
  3. Sorting Boxes – Going through a closet or a room? Use cardboard boxes to organize your items! Mark one box KEEP, another DONATE, and a third THROW AWAY or RECYCLE.
  4. File Dividers — If you run out of dividers for your file cabinet or drawer, cardboard can come in really handy.
  5. Bobbins for Ribbon, Twine, and More — A bobbin is a spool or spindle that you wind yarn, thread, ribbon, etc., on. Maybe you ran out of traditional bobbins or broke one on accident. No worries; make one out of cardboard.
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5 Recycled Cardboard Boxes for Fun With Kids

  1. Kid’s Castles and Forts — Oversized cardboard boxes from appliances and furniture can become instant fodder for constructing kid’s castles, playhouses, forts, and spaceships. There are limitless possibilities.
  2. Play Dress Up – Create all sorts of fun costumes for children of any age: masks, dinosaur heads, fairy wings, and monster feet are just a few ideas to get you started.
  3. Cardboard DJ Stand — Let your child’s imagination run free by stacking oversized cardboard boxes side by side, then draw large black records and other designs on the facade. Next thing you know, you have a DJ in training.
  4. Educational Toys – Here are two ideas: cut out shapes to teach geometry or punch holes in the cardboard and lace with yarn to teach sewing or work on motor skills.
  5. Giant Building Blocks – Seal the boxes, decorate as desired, and start stacking and building an imaginary land.
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3 Recycled Cardboard Boxes Uses for the Artist

  1. Art – Cut, layer, paint and glue pieces of cardboard to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.
  2. Flower Garden – Cut petals out of cardboard to create a beautiful bouquet. Decorate cardboard toilet paper rolls to use as vases.
  3. Tabletop Painting Easel – Use cardboard to make a triangle with two large sides and a narrow base.
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The ideas for cardboard reuse are endless! Get inspired to create with one of the above ideas or check out Pinterest or Google and search for “Cardboard Crafts” to find even more inventive ways to reuse cardboard boxes.

Have fun creating your own masterpiece!

Cardboard Boxes for Recycling Are Welcome at Texas Recycling

We believe in recycling. But there’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra use out of those cardboard boxes before sending them to us. Do you want to do your part in benefiting our economy and environment? Texas Recycling provides the highest-quality recycling services in the D/FW metroplex. We process thousands of tons of recyclable paper, cardboard, newspaper, and metal at our 225,000-plus square foot facility. So, if you still have a truckload of recyclable items, please give us a call so we can let you know how we can help. 

Our creative solutions help companies embrace environmental responsibility and sustainability. Texas Recycling also offers the highest level of personalized customer service to all our clients. From scheduled pickups for large commercial entities to our Public Buy Back Center for individuals and smaller businesses, we have a recycling solution to meet your needs. Help both the environment and your bottom line by calling Texas Recycling at 214-357-0262 to get started on a commercial recycling or industrial recycling program for your organization.

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