Paper Recycling Plant in Dallas, TX

At Texas Recycling, we’ve built our reputation on paper recycling. After 25+ years, we’re one of DFW’s largest paper recycling facilities.

We serve major commercial industrial accounts in Dallas and surrounding areas such as box makers, printers and grocery distributors.

Today 90% of paper pulp is made of wood and 35% of felled trees. By recycling paper you can make a difference. At Texas Recycling, we recycle office paper, newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, magazines, phone books and other types of paper products that are 100% recyclable.

We pride ourselves on a quality paper recycling operation

At Texas Recycling, we ensure that:

Paper is carefully sorted so paper mills receive a “pure” product.
Every scrap of paper is recycled responsibly.
Operations are safe, for us and for our customers.

At Texas Recycling, we believe impeccable service is of top priority in earning your business. In addition to processing paper recycling, we offer transportation and logistic services, recycling containers and equipment, and customized recycling programs for our large commercial industrial accounts. Contact us today for outstanding service, prompt payment, and competitive pricing for your company's paper recycling.



Texas Recycling maintains its own fleet of trucks for pick-up of materials from customer locations. We follow a carefully constructed process to guarantee that our end customers receive the finest inputs possible.

Sort & Ship

Once paper is collected, inspected, and sorted, it is compacted into large bales for transport. Bales of paper are shipped by truck, rail or sea to paper mills and manufacturing plants around the globe.


Owners Joel and Craig Litman adhere to the highest quality standards in the industry. All paper is stored inside our secure facility with 24-hour surveillance, and every scrap of paper is recycled.


Print shops who have leftover rolls of stock count on Texas Recycling to take care of them responsibly. Bales of paper are manufactured into paper towels, bathroom tissue, insulation, packaging and other useful items.

We offer customized solutions to maximize your company’s scrap paper recycling:

  • Experienced, friendly staff to respond to your service needs
  • Competitive pricing with prompt payouts to increase your revenue
  • Complete brokerage services to coordinate and handle all shipments
  • Full-service processing to handle multi-materials under one roof: cardboard, aluminum, office paper, newspaper, scrap metal and more


If you need paper recycling in Dallas, Texas, we have a solution for you! Texas Recycling will help with your company’s paper recycling needs. We serve all of Dallas and surrounding areas. For more about how your company could benefit from Texas Recycling's paper recycling service, contact us today.

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