Industrial Recycling Dallas


Our Dallas Recycling Center facility benefits large commercial and industrial clients that need faster and better recycling programs and services.

When you have industrial materials, by-products, and metal recycling needs, look to Texas Recycling to properly handle your recyclables. When you are looking to decrease your environmental impact, well, we have you covered there, too. Industrial recycling of your materials and by-products also lowers your disposal costs.   


We offer convenient drop-off or timely pick-up for qualifying accounts. Generate revenue with recyclable paper, corrugated cardboard, newspaper, office paper, and metal recycling.


One convenient, state-of-the-art location at our Dallas Recycling facility


Improved sorting and processing all materials, instead of hauling materials to different facilities


  Unloading/loading capacity and faster delivery to mills

Positive Environmental Impacts    

Texas Recycling ensures services that end with a cleaner environment for your business and our community.     

Rather than use up raw materials, industrial recycling re-uses materials (like paper and scrap metals) and by-products.

Our facilities sort and bale like-materials, then ship them off to be turned into new products.           

Texas Recycling is well-established in the industry. Our number one priority is offering the best place to recycle your industrial materials while offering the best possible service.


Earn Revenue for Industrial Recycling      

Put out less greenhouse gas emissions through industrial recycling today!          

Do not know how to dispose of your industrial by-products appropriately? Leave it to the professionals at Texas Recycling.                      

Texas Recycling will identify your facility’s materials stream and then properly determine how to handle it according to the hazardous or non-hazardous regulations.                

When you recycle your industrial materials, like scrap metals, with Texas Recycling, you are increasing your overall revenue. Get paid to recycle, reduce your disposal costs, and save overall.    


Rely on Texas Recycling for industrial recycling Dallas. We provide professional and efficient service backed by industry knowledge that surpasses your expectations. Contact us to see how Texas Recycling can benefit your company and its environmental impact today.