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As appeared on Green is Good Radio Interview (JUNE 15, 2015), The Life of Recycled Paper by John Shegerian

The Life of Recycled Paper

John Shegerian: Welcome back to another edition of Green Is Good. We’re here in beautiful downtown Vancouver at the ISRI edition of Green Is Good. And when I say the ISRI edition, this is ISRI’s annual conference – here in Vancouver this year for the first time ever, and Green Is Good is broadcasting from the beautiful downtown convention center in Vancouver. We’re so excited and honored to have with us today Joel Litman. He is the president and CEO of Texas Recycling. And to learn more about Texas Recycling, go to Welcome to Green Is Good, Joel.

Joel Litman: Thank you John. Glad to be here.

John Shegerian: You know Joel, you have a family business. I want you to share a little bit with our audience the Joel Litman story and how you got to be running as President and CEO of Texas Recycling. Then, we’re going to go more into exactly what you do over there.

Joel Litman: Sure. Well it’s interesting because folks think a family business is ‘I’ve been in it since birth.’ And actually my father and my brother and myself, who have been in the business, got in late in life. We all had different career paths. My background, I was in journalism. I was a sports writer. I worked in public relations for a family business. But it was just getting to be – it was time to move on. And my father bought a scrap business when he was in his early 50s and he asked if I would join him. So I spent a week’s vacation down there and turned in my coat and tie for a pair of work boots and jeans and just said, “This is the opportunity for me,” and I joined him and have been in it for 30 years now.

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