How To Make $ from a Public Buy Back Program

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What if you could accomplish several goals simultaneously?

1) Make cash, fast

2) Get rid of old stuff you don’t need any more

3) Create new space in your home or business

4) Help the Earth by enabling junk to be recycled and made useful again

Get fast cash by selling your recyclables and scrap

You can do all of this quickly with a public buy back recycling program. The process is easy. Follow these simple steps to turn your trash into treasure:

  • Make a list of every place you might have money-making recyclables stashed. Possibilities include your garage, storage shed, attic, yard or barn. Are there leftovers from a recent estate or garage sale?
  • If you have a business, think about additional areas where recyclable materials might be languishing. Think about your office storage bins, supply closets, warehouses, supply yards or even trucks.
  • Gather up your recyclables. As you look through storage areas, keep in mind all of the materials for which you can earn cash: old and broken appliances, aluminum, newspaper, office paper, copper, brass, stainless steel, lead and other metals, files and records, baled and loose cardboard, clothing, shoes, belts, purses and many electronics. Click here for a list of possible items.
  • Keep in mind that many recycling companies won’t pay for the following materials, but may take them off your hands: direct mail, phone books, magazines and books.
  • Load up your truck and head to a local recycling facility. In the DFW area, look to Texas Recycling. Check our hours here.

In the DFW area, Texas Recycling can handle your recycling at our facility and give you cash. We recycle paper, newspaper, cardboard, office paper, and other types of paper. Call 214-357-0262.


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