creative recycling

Creative Recycling

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Amazing and Inspiring Uses for Recyclable Materials

Texas Recycling is one of the leading recycling facilities in North Texas. We process tons of recyclables—paper, corrugated cardboard, newspaper, office paper, and industrial scrap metal—every week. Knowing that our efforts benefit both the local economy and the environment is gratifying, and we love our business. Plus, we when we come across stories about people and businesses taking creative recycling to a whole new level, we can’t help but share them to inspire more innovative uses for recyclables.

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earth friendly Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. And as usual, it’s bound to be a whirlwind of candy, door-to-door trick or treats and dress-up fun for kids, adults, even pets. While corralling candy, prepping pumpkins, and creating costumes for Halloween, there are opportunities to keep the environment in mind. Here are 4 ways to create holiday fun while also planning for an earth friendly Halloween!

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industrial recycling program

Talk to any industrial business owner, CFO or facilities manager and they will tell you that every penny counts. That is why turning trash—industrial materials or surplus your company no longer needs or wants—into cash makes business sense. Plus, it is painless and profitable to turn your business’s unwanted waste into extra revenue. Not only does your business gain an economic benefit, but it also gains the goodwill of employees and community by helping the environment. Tons of waste stays out of the local landfills and gets recycled, thus saving valuable resources. An industrial recycling program is easy to implement, manage and master, especially when you have the right partner like Texas Recycling leading the way.

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recycling with kids

Recycling grows more critical for the health of our planet every day. As the population increases, more structures are built. This requires more goods to be manufactured and consumed. To keep these goods out of landfills, recycling efforts must continue. How can we ensure that recycling technology will continue to improve, enabling us to build more sustainable systems and create a cleaner planet? One answer can be found in educating the next generation by recycling with kids.

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Business recycling program go green

4 Tips to Turn Your Company Green

Starting a business recycling program is not always a top priority and sometimes gets dismissed. When there is a company to run, products to manufacture, clients to contact, and a job to do, business recycling can get pushed down the to-do list. But wait, there’s good news!

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