cardboard boxes

Creative Uses for Cardboard

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As more and more people purchase everything from televisions to toothpaste from ecommerce sites like, and, cardboard shipping box consumption has skyrocketed over the past few years.

Fortunately, a large percentage of theses cardboard boxes ends up recycled.

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Recycling company dispatcher

Now Hiring: Dispatcher

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Recycling Company Dispatcher

This position is an integral front-line role in Texas Recycling’s day-to-day manufacturing operations. This individual is the face of the company, on the phone or through emails, with the company’s commercial industrial accounts requesting the servicing of their recycling containers. Texas Recycling’s trucks are on the road throughout the day, beginning around sunrise and finishing late in the afternoon, five days a week to meet the customer’s scheduling needs. This individual is the coordinator for these accounts. The work environment is active and fast-paced. Flexibility, quick-thinking, discipline and the ability to plan ahead are essential in this position. Working well with diverse teammates and customers when the pressure is strong are important. This individual will interact with all levels within the company, from drivers and staff to senior management to company owners. Familiarity with computers and software to assist with scheduling are important.

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Recycling today, paper recycling lant

Recycling Today cover story

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As appeared in Recycling Today (April 1, 2021), Pushing the Limits by Megan Smalley.

Pushing the limits

Dallas-based Texas Recycling sees opportunity to grow by building its metals business while also keeping its competitive edge in recovered paper markets.

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Recycling during Coronavirus concept

The Environment and Recycling During Coronavirus

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The COVID-19 pandemic, causing more people to stay and work from home, changed the way we live. We adjusted to a new normal while hopeful to get back to a society without social distancing, face masks, and the threat of a destructive virus. One interesting aspect of staying at home or sheltering in place was the effect on the environment and recycling during Coronavirus.

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Cardboard boxes deliveries

Like many people furloughed or working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably depend on deliveries from online companies such as Amazon for your everyday needs.  And, like many people, you probably collect a pile of cardboard boxes. With deliveries on the rise, and recycling capabilities in many areas down, how we all reduce the number of cardboard boxes discarded with the trash?

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