Not Just Another Dallas Scrap Yard

When it comes to metal recycling in DFW, there are any number of Dallas scrap yards that accept drop-offs at their locations. In some cases, these don’t exactly instill a sense of confidence about their services or the prices they offer for your recyclable materials.

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What makes Texas Recycling different from other Dallas scrap yards? Texas Recycling isn’t just another scrap yard. We’re a family owned and operated recycling company specializing in environmentally-friendly scrap metal, paper, and corrugated cardboard. Our facility is well maintained and staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people.

Public Buy-Back Recycling Center for Individuals and Small Businesses

Our 175,000+ square foot public buy-back center is conveniently located near downtown Dallas and offers multi-material recycling at a single location. When you arrive at our modern, secure facilities you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff who will assist in unloading and sorting your recyclables.
Once your recyclables have been sorted and weighed on our certified, computerized scales, you’ll receive a “top dollar” offer based on the current industry rates for your specific materials.

Commercial & Industrial Recycling Programs

While most Dallas scrap yards can handle small drop-off recycling jobs, most don’t offer the recycling services needed by commercial and industrial clients. At Texas Recycling, we offer customized recycling services tailored to meet your specific recycling needs, including:
 • Office clean out services for facility closings and relocations
• Warehouse clean-up for the recycling of obsolete and damaged inventory or materials
• Purge services for the disposal of outdated documents
• On-site recycling collection containers including plastic bins, wire baskets, wooden crates, and canvas gondolas to help get your recycling program going

Types of Paper and Cardboard We Recycle:

• Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

• Loose or Baled Cardboard Boxes

• Double Lined Kraft (DLK)

• Flat Cardboard

• Gaylord’s

• Chipboard

• Box Board

• Kraft Multi-Wall Bags

• Kraft Paper

• Double Lined Kraft (DLK)

Types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal We Recycle:

• Aluminum cans

• Aluminum engine blocks

• Aluminum rims

• Aluminum siding

• Automobile alternators

• Brass turnings

• Cast iron

• Catalytic converters

• Copper tubing

• Lawn and garden equipment

• Lead wheel weights

More Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal We Recycle:

• Metal household items

• Painted aluminum

• Plumbers brass

• Plumbing parts

• Red brass

• Romex wire

• Sheet aluminum

• Stainless steel

• Steel castings

• Tin

• Yellow brass

Best Choice in Dallas Scrap Yards

For over 25 years, Texas Recycling has furnished superior customer service and prompt payment with quality and integrity.